Sunday, 25 May 2014

Lazy Canal Days

I recently wrote a piece for Bird Watching Magazine about how I feel a connection to the migratory ways of Swallows, Martins and Swifts; those birds with a spirit for adventure.

There could have been no better moment for this article to be published than right now, while I am on the move, freeing myself of commitments, seeking out new horizons with a hungry mind, opening myself up to new ideas to make my heart beat just that little bit faster.

I am there on the end somewhere...

Today as I walked to a lovely canalside village to stock up with essentials, I managed to locate a copy and as if knowing, the swallows came to fly low above the water and take our breath away on this perfect evening on the English canals.

Do pick up a copy; it’s a great magazine – and I’m not just saying that because I have written for it – and if you don’t manage to pick up a copy, I’ll be posting a PDF of the article to my website in a few weeks.


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